Nicolas’ journey with Ependymoma Brain Cancer began on January 10, 2012. It is a day, and a memory which will be etched in his parents minds forever.  I am only the “aunt” but seeing as his parents are tied up at the hospital, I decided to keep the family up to date via email.  The emails have now morphed into this blog.

Nicolas was born July 26, 2010 a mere 3 lbs, 9 oz which was due to the fact that he arrived two months early.  Despite being such a little guy, he was born without any complication and was a very healthy baby.  Nicolas was always small, but otherwise, was a very happy and easy baby.  He went to all his check ups and obtained a clean bill of health.

Around 1 year of age, Nicolas still seemed small, but his doctor dismissed this as him being a “preemie”.  Slowly there seemed to be some little signs of things being just not quite right.  He didn’t have much of an appetite and sometimes threw up a little in the morning or upon his first morning feeding.  Nicolas then got a fever for which he was diagnosed with an ear infection.  His parents noticed some “eye rolling” which they told his doctor about and again, it was dismissed as being related to the fever.  Nicolas was in a preemie therapy group and eventually started to “cruise” around the furniture so we all thought he was about to start walking.  Then, suddenly, he stopped trying to walk and became lethargic.  Most notably, he developed a “neck tilt” which became more and more obvious.

Eventually, after feeling like the Pediatrician was not addressing their concerns, his parents took him to Sick Kids Hospital  in Toronto to be checked out.  They immediately did a CT scan and within 4 hours they were given the devastating news that Nicolas had a brain tumor.