Upon receiving the diagnosis of a ‘Brain Tumor” on Tuesday January 10th everything has been moving at rapid speed.  The neurosurgical team preformed surgery on Wednesday January 11th in an operation which lasted approximately 8 hours.  The operation is called: a fourth ventricle tumor resection.  Doctor’s could not really tell us much, but we knew the tumor was large, we knew it was cancer, and we knew it was in the fourth ventricle pushing against the cerebellum.

Once the surgery was over, the doctor advised that the tumor was also wrapping around the brain stem.  This is a very difficult area to remove the tumor because all (12) cranial nerves leave the brain and head down the spinal column through the brain stem and as such it is a very difficult and precise surgery.

After the surgery the doctor advised us that they were able to remove about 95% of the tumor.  This was the best possible outcome considering how ‘stubborn’ this tumor was.  There is a little concern about his hearing because the doctor was ‘digging’ around the 7th and 8th cranial nerve, so a hearing test will be required.  They decided to close up and let him heal before going back in and attempting to remove the remaining tumor.  There is a small portion on the left side and a small portion on the right side (both near these hearing nerves) however for now we will give him some time to recover and gain his strength.