Nicolas has such a strong spirit!  To be able to go through such an ordeal and be able to recover so well speaks volumes to his resilience.  Like any major surgery/medical condition, there are ups and downs.  Nicolas had been progressing well, had his EVD tube removed and had even tried eating some “mini-gos and apple sauce”.  Unfortunately on Sunday evening, Monday morning (Jan.22/23) Nicolas began to leak fluid from his head.  It was determined they needed to put the EVD tube back in (this is a tube inserted into his head to drain fluid).  It was also determined that he had an infection, which we now know is Meningitis.

Nicolas is being treated with antibiotics and had a rough and at some points scary few days, but I am happy to report that he is now on the upswing and is bounding back again.  He even started to smile and say a few “mom mom and ohhh….ahhhh” and to his parents delight…blew a few kisses!  I can assure you that these milestones, no matter how small, are truly uplifting to the spirit.  For parents who have been lucky enough to never have a sick child, I urge you to treasure this precious moments with your kids.