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As you all know, Nicolas began radiation on Monday March 26th. He is scheduled for 33 treatment – 5 days a week for 6.5 weeks.  He managed to have 2 treatments, however today’s treatment was cancelled.
Nicolas started having trouble (again) draining the CSF from his head. The staff at Princess Margaret sent him immediately over to Sick Kids for a CAT scan and the results showed high intracranial pressure. Therefore the decision was made to insert a shunt.
Nicolas is being taken into surgery as I type this and will then be admitted again – hopefully just a day or two.  The doctors have really tried to avoid doing this, but it seems like the only option left at this time.
I am not sure what affect (if any) this will have on radiation treatment, but hopefully they will be able to continue soon.

Prayers of Love and Healing for Nicolas XOXOX



Courageous little Man!

Monday March 19, 2012

After being away for a weeks vacation, I finally got to see Nicolas at home and boy was I amazed! This amazingly, courageous little man was laughing, smiling and playing with his toys. I don’t need to remind you that 19 days ago he had his head cut open in “2” places during a 9 hours surgery!!! Simply amazing!

Nicolas will start intensive radiation treatments on March 26th, 5 days a week for 33 treatments.  Please continue to keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

I am so happy to finally tell you that Nicolas FINALLY went home today! 10 weeks after he initially went into Sick Kids, and 11 days after surgery #2, Andrea and Mario got to bring Nicolas back home.
I don’t need to tell you just how happy we all are, that the de la Fuente family is reunited again tonight, back in Aurora. I hear it was quite a scene with all nurses and staff taking photos with Nicolas before he left. They really felt like family.

There will be a revolving door of daily visits from Nurses, Pysiotherapists etc. But at least they are home!

Nicolas is scheduled to begin Radiation on Monday March 26th for 6.5 weeks. This will involve daily trips to Princess Margaret for 33 treatments, but Nicolas will be sleeping in his own bed.

4 days post surgery #2

Nicolas was in the ICU Wednesday night and was having laboured breathing so on Thursday they decided to intubate him. They did the MRI which confirmed Dr. Dirks opinion that they had been able to remove the entire tumor.  There were high-fives, hugs and a lot of tears with this result.  Originally they had told us that his tumor was so large and aggressively wrapped around the brain stem that complete removal would be difficult.

After about 24 hours on steroids, they removed the breathing tube and although not perfect, his breathing is much better.  Nicolas is still heavily sedated, on steroids and of course pain medication, but has started to open his eyes and look around. He was moved from ICU to the Observation room on Saturday evening and he will likely be there for a full week before returning to his regular room.

They have some tests planned this week to start checking that all his nerves are working properly so we are a little anxious but continue to stay positive that everything is intact.

Here is a picture of Nicolas today (Sunday March 4th)