I am happy to report that Nicolas has been doing very well since radiation finished. He has been attending  Bloorview daily for therapy and seems to be in very good spirits. There has been a continual adjustment of medication to help Nicolas with his appetite and so far, so good.


Nicolas has a picc line which has been giving him a lot of trouble lately. So, they have decided to remove it and replace it with a more permanent “Port” which is a device inserted into his chest and remains just under the skin (just under his collar bone). This is done as a day surgery. Nicolas will be going to Sick Kids tomorrow, Friday June 15th so that it is in place and ready for him to start chemotherapy.


Phase 3 – Chemo, begins on Monday June 18th. Nicolas will be admitted back into Sick Kids Hospital for a week while he receives chemotherapy, then will go home for a couple of weeks, then back in for a week for the next round of chemo etc. They will repeat this three times. We expect Nicolas to be finished all the chemo treatments by the end of August.


I have added some pictures of Nicolas taken over the May long weekend as we celebrated the end of his radiation treatment. You can view them in the “photo gallery” section.