I am happy to say that Nicolas, after celebrating his 2nd birthday at home, went on to have a good (extended) stay at home.  The longest he has had thus far.  The doctors decided to delay his chemo for a week to let him finish up his antibiotics and let him gather some strength.  His IV tube was removed on August 2nd and his infection is all cleared up. Nicolas was able to spend the long Civic holiday weekend at home with his family without any medical tubes attached….YEAH!!!


Today, we are back to business. Nicolas will be admitted to Sick Kids Hospital for round #3 of Chemotherapy. He will be in for the week, then home with just a few “day” treatments.  The master plan here is that he will finish this cycle of chemo by August 28th which will then give him 5 days to gather some strength before another big milestone….His Uncle’s wedding!  That is right, we are all very hopefully that all will go smoothly and Nicolas will be able to attend (and dare I say….) participate in the wedding.


Here is a picture taken of Nicolas yesterday. I know some of you are wondering why his eyes always seem a little ‘droopy’. The reason is that the chemo drugs cause loss of muscle tone which cause this side effect.  I assure you that Nicolas is well and happy and smiling, and once the chemo is finished all of this will subside.


Please continue keep Nicolas in your thoughts and prayers as he continues this battle to rid his body of every single Cancer cell.