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Hearing / Vision Test

After countless hearing test, all of which came back “inconclusive”, they finally decided to do a more thorough test whereby they put Nicolas to sleep and do an internal hearing test today.  Well, the results were not what we had hoped for, but in the grand scheme of things this is a hurdle we can deal with.

Nicolas has no hearing at all in his right ear, his left ear has some hearing but not in the higher frequency. So, today Nicolas was fitted for a hearing aid for his left ear so that he will be able to get back most of his hearing on that side.  This should help him now that he is in speech therapy so that he can learn to talk.  It may be possible for Nicolas to have a cochlear implant for the right ear at some point in the future, but not at this time.

Nicolas also had a vision test last week which came back good.  He does have one eye that is a little weak, but nothing that needs treatment at this time.  As he gains in strength he will likely outgrow this.

We are still waiting for the date of his next MRI, until then we will hold Nicolas in our thoughts and prayers to continue to be Cancer Free!


Officially Finished!!!

Nicolas is officially finished treatment.  After 4 brain surgeries, 33 radiation treatments and 4 rounds of chemo….just to name a few of the many procedures he has had to endure. Not to mention the many ups and downs and a far too many scary days/nights, he is done.  So, what’s next??? Nicolas will go back to Sick Kids today for some tests, assessments and clinic. Nicolas has also started to have some tremors since his most recent surgery. We are not sure if this is temporary or an affect from the surgery that will be more long lasting. We are also hoping that they will have a meeting with the “Team” to discuss this as well as finalize the date for the next MRI.


Nicolas is also scheduled to start Rehab at Bloorview aka “Baby Boot Camp” on Tuesday October 9th to help him get back up to speed with all his milestones. We need to get Nicolas eating and get him strong again. All this aggressive treatment has really taken a toll on him.


We are still waiting to hear when Nicolas’ next MRI will be, but we expect it to be in about 6 – 8 weeks time.  The plan will be to monitor him every 2 – 3 months in this manner where they will be checking to make sure that all the Cancer is gone and continues to stay away!  I will be sure to post the dates for his MRI on here and hope you will all keep Nicolas in your thoughts and prayers.