I am so happy to announce on behalf of Andrea and Mario that Nicolas’ MRI today was CLEAN!!! Some of you may or may not have known, that his last MRI showed a “spot” which the doctors could not identify. This news of course caused us all a lot of anxiety. However, today, Dr. Bouffet gave us all the much awaited news that the spot is gone and his ventricles look great!


There is no greater gift in the world then news like this.  Today, December 11th 2012 – 11  (long) months since Nicolas was first diagnosed.  It has been a very long and difficult road, which of course is not yet over.  But there is so much hope in my heart right now I plan on just letting it all soak in and appreciate it.  Thank you all for following along on this journey, providing your love and support through all the ups and downs. Cancer is really such a horrible disease, and for it to hit these little babies (most Ependymoma patients are under the age of 5) just seems so unfair….but I also realize…there is nothing good or fair about Cancer.


By way of update on Nicolas’ progress, he is still attending daily at Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital for therapy to learn how to walk and talk.  He is not quite there yet, but we feel confident that he will get there soon.  Nicolas is learning sign language and this is helping him to communicate with his mom and dad for now until he learns how to talk. I myself had a “crash” course on Sign when I was over visiting with him on the weekend :-).  Nicolas looked great and his hair is starting to come back in and his beautiful, long eyelashes have already grown back.  I am very much looking forward to celebrating the holidays with the family.


I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2013!