Most anniversaries are spent celebrating with food, drink and parties, however this type of anniversary is more one of reflection and hope for a brave little lion named Nicolas.

It was one year ago today that Andrea and Mario walked into Sick Kids Hospital with a feeling that something was not right with their baby. 3 hours and 1 MRI later they were given the most grave diagnosis a parent could get….your child has a massive brain tumour that needs to be removed immediately. I spent some time last night reading over my blog entries and reflecting on the past year.  4 brain surgeries, 33 rounds of radiation, 4 rounds of chemo, not to mention a bout with meningitis among many other peaks and valleys over the past year. It is absolutely incredible to imagine this little baby enduring so much.  Nicolas has shown us all what Courage and Bravery really is. For me personally, he has also taught me a lesson in Humility, to appreciate all the little gifts in life and not to take for granted our precious gift of life.

Nicolas has Kicked Cancer’s Butt”!! And he continues to work hard everyday in therapy as he attempts to learn the basic skills of walking, talking and eating.  It has been an uphill battle for him and the results have been slow to come, however all of that seems so unimportant given the mountain he has already climbed.

Despite the fact that Nicolas has done so well, I am always reminded of the children who have not had such great results, and those who are still fighting everyday.  I have met so many wonderful families through this journey who have provided love, support and guidance even though they themselves were dealing with the same frightening disease. I am reminded daily of the fight that continues for them and even for Nicolas given the fact that Ependymoma is a highly recurrent Cancer. I guess the lesson in all of this is that CANCER SUCKS! And no one deserves to suffer like this. We need to find a CURE and there is no reason why this can’t happen…and happen soon. I personally have committed to helping to raise awareness and funds towards finding a cure.  More to come on this soon!  For today, we will reflect on a year now behind us, learn from it, and look forward to great things to come, and most importantly live each day to its fullest potential.

Nicolas, you are my HERO!