Cancer sucks…we all know that. The side effects of Chemo and Radiation, well they suck too! Beside all the usual effects such as sickness, vomiting, bloating, hair loss etc. we now know the harsh reality that it can cause some more significant effects such as hearing loss, vision problems and dental problems. This is where we are now with Nicolas.


Unfortunately, Nicolas has sustained severe dental problems due to the combined treatment. He will undergo surgery on August 19th to try to help out, however at this time we are unsure as to what the final outcome will be.  He will need to have many of his teeth pulled out, and they will try to save via root canal and caps, as many as they can. They will not know until they are in there how bad (or good) the outcome will be.  Of course they also can not put any metal in his mouth as this will affect the MRI’s which he continues to have every 3 months.


This of course has been rather upsetting to his parents given that he will likely not have many teeth until his adult ones come in. Not only cosmetically, but because Nicolas is still not talking or eating very much. Not having teeth will not make things any easier.  On top of this, Nicolas also has an eye problem which is also on the radar for possible surgery. He will be seeing the pediatric opthamologist in October for a definitive answer.


We also found out recently that Nicolas has a thyroid problem, which again is a direct result of radiation to the brain (pituitary). Luckily, this can be regulated via medication and regular blood test to monitor his thyroid levels.


Nicolas is still working regularly with the therapist and although he is making some progress ie: starting to babble and making some sounds and walking short distances with assistance, he still not actually walking or talking yet.


Of course the most important thing is that the Cancer continues to stay away, but the difficulties and struggles clearly continue on as Nicolas pushes forward to overcome these challenges.  What he has had to endure, and what he continues to go through is more than most of us will ever know in our lifetime. Generally, Nicolas is happy and smiles and loves to snuggle (although mostly with his mom!). His strength and courage is inspiring to us all and I am looking forward to celebrating his 3rd birthday in July.