I am happy to say that Nicolas had a great 3rd birthday celebration and even enjoyed a little icing and ice cream :-). Nicolas was surrounded with family and friends who all took such joy in watching him play with his new toys.

Nicolas is making a few more sounds and is looking stronger. He has a full head of dark hair and a smile that would melt your heart. He continues with therapy and is working hard on speech, mobility and balance (just to name a few).

I mentioned in my last post that Nicolas is having surgery on August 19th to remove all the decayed teeth. We are hoping they will be able to save a few, but we won’t know until he is out of surgery.

We have also learned that Nicolas’ pituitary gland is not working at all. Unfortunately the pituitary was in the field of the radiation and was destroyed. His body is not producing “growth hormone” or “Cortisol” and his thyroid is not working at all. He has started on medication and injections for this.

Apparently the most concerning is that his body will not make cortisol. This is the ” fight or flight” response hormone and is responsible for regulating blood pressure, metabolism, insulin, immune function, and inflammatory response. Nicolas will need to be closely watched for this and given meds 3 x a day, as well as an emergency dose if/when he encounters a stressful situation which could be something as minor as stubbing a toe or taking a test, to the more extreme if he gets frightened or breaks a bone etc.

Last but not least, Nicolas will be having his MRI on August 23rd. We are all praying and sending positive “Cancer Free” thoughts to Nicolas for a clean scan. As difficult as all these secondary issues are,the main goal here is to keep the Cancer beast away!!!