It’s that time again…time to scan and get confirmation that Nicolas is “NED” or “No Evidence of Disease”.  I’m not sure it will ever get easier but there is no reason to think otherwise. Nicolas is a happy, energetic 3 1/2 year old who is curious, expressive and yes, sometimes a little mischievous 😉


Nicolas continues with daily therapy and although is not walking, if you give him his walker toy he will move like crazy!  He also started growth hormone injections which Drs. Mom & Dad get to give him every day so we are hopeful we will start to see him grow. Despite the fact that the de la Fuente house looks like a medical clinic with all the equipment and meds, Nicolas really looks great. Nicolas still loves Elmo…he actually goes nuts if he has to go too long without watching it. He loves iPads, iPhones and knows how to go onto YouTube and find videos of Elmo lol! You will see in the fourth picture below he has stolen an iPhone and is trying to escape with it 😀

We also welcomed a new addition to the family on March 18th with the birth of baby Peter! Congrats to Doug and Sylvia! It has been very nice to see the family growing and now Nicolas is finally a big cousin. We spent a nice weekend together for Easter and the cousins had fun playing and eating lots of chocolates. Here are a few pictures to see Nicolas and his beautiful dark curly hair that he now has and ask that you all send positive thoughts and prayers to Nicolas tomorrow for his MRI.


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