Even with the passage of time, awaiting these MRI results weigh heavily on our minds. Nicolas will be heading down to Sick Kids tomorrow, Wednesday August 27th for his 6th post treatment Brain MRI. I ask that you all send him prayers and well wishes for a clean scan or “No Evidence of Disease, NED”.

Since the last update Nicolas has turned 4 years old (July 26th) and is now 2.5 years post Ependymoma diagnosis. He is such an amazingly strong little boy who continues to show strength and determination in continuing to recover from his treatment. Nicolas has made great strides in learning to walk and can walk short distances between people or furniture and is improving every day.

There will be another large milestone for Nicolas next week, he will be starting Junior Kindergarten!!! That’s right, he will be joining his sister Sofia at Aurora Grove public school in September. Given his limitation he will have an aid with him and will only be attending for half days (mornings), however this is a huge step for him and his family. I am very optimistic that Nicolas will thrive in this new environment and will be encouraged to continue to learn to walk and talk. Nicolas will continue with his therapy programs in the afternoons along with attending his never ending amounts of doctors appointments.

I thank you all for your continued support, prayers and ask that you continue to help us raise awareness for Childhood Cancer, and specifically Brain Tumour Awareness.

MRI Scans:
6. August 2014
5. April 2014 NED
4. December 2013 NED
3. September 2013 NED
2. April 2013 NED
1. December 2012 NED