It is hard to believe that three years have passed since we all made that difficult trek down to Sick Kids Hospital with the news of Nicolas’ brain tumor diagnosis weighing heavily on our hearts. No one could predict what the future held, but with an incredible amount of courage, support and a wonderful team of doctors, Nicolas continues to amaze us all.

I am happy to report that Nicolas continues to grow (thanks to a daily injection of growth hormone) and is walking/running around with little effort. Although his speech has yet to come, he certainly has some great ways of communicating and telling us what he wants. As always, Nicolas is a gently loving soul who is always open to giving endless amounts of hugs and kisses.

Nicolas is progressing well at school (junior kindergarten) and is enjoying the social aspect that comes with it. He also continues with all his therapies and endless amounts of medical appointments. I take my hat off to both Andrea and Mario for their daily strife and struggles as they navigate parenthood under such extraordinary circumstances. The coordination of care and dedication required of a “Cancer parent” is unparalleled.

Now to bring you up-to-date on Nicolas’ medical status, he will be undergoing what will hopefully be his last surgery to correct his eye which was damaged during his prior treatment. That will take place on January 16th at Sick Kids.

Nicolas will be also undergoing his 3 month Brain MRI on January 21 to make sure there has not been any tumor re-growth. Please send all your prayers to Nicolas for “No Evidence of Disease” aka: NED!

Lastly, on January 23 he will have his follow up appointments with (1) Neuro-oncology (2) endocrine (bloodwork and results) and (3) surgery follow-up.

I have attached some pictures from Christmas so you can see how great Nicolas looks. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2015!