I really have been slow to update this blog, but all for good reasons. Health, fun and adventure over the last nine months. I am happy to report hat Nicolas continues to do well, growing, advancing and having a great time! Nicolas started SK at Aurora Grove PS this fall and is a happy little guy. He is learning to communicate and continues to work hard in therapy to work all his muscles.

Nicolas’ summer was full of cottage fun, swimming, playing, his 5th birthday and a much needed family trip to Mexico!

Nicolas continues to scan every 3 months…this week he will undergo MRI#9 on September 29th  and we just know he will continue to kick cancer’s butt! Here are some updated pictures for you:





MRI Scans:
9. September 29, 2015

8. May 29, 2015 NED

7. January 21, 2015 NED

6. August 2014 NED

5. April 2014 NED

4. December 2013 NED

3. September 2013 NED

2. April 2013 NED

1. December 2012 NED